2017-2018 Projects

In 2017

An asphalt walkway was installed in the yard to provide easier access to the swing and the picnic table.

Asphalt Walkway

In 2018

Katrina Lavery, a young adult who as a child had received respite care at MiMi's House for many years, passed away shortly after Christmas, 2017.

Katrina and Margaret

In commemoration of Katrina, her mother, Margaret Lavery, donated Katrina's wheelchair-accessible van to CRSS for use by the children at MiMi's House. 

Katrina's Van

The commemoration ceremony for Katrina Lavery's Van was held with the 15th Anniversary Celebration of MiMi's House, which took place on May 6.  Cam Culham enlivened the afternoon with his joyful musical performance.

Cam Culham